Model of Brig Random at Town Hall

August 18, 2022 – The Captain Alfred Southwick Chase (1822-1900) Brig Model, ca. 1875, a gift of Mr. and Mrs. David Sanford Chase was set up in the Portsmouth Town Hall Lobby

This wooden model of a brig was built by Captain Alfred Southwick Chase of Portsmouth, R.I., in about 1860. It was restored by Den Holmes of Ship Model Restoration of Abbottstown, Penn. in 2020. The display case was handcrafted by the donor of the brig, David S. Chase of Marlborough, Conn.

Alfred was born in September 1822 in Portsmouth to Clarke and Eliza (Woodman) Chase. His great-grandfather, Zacheus Chase came to Portsmouth from Freetown, Mass., in the mid-1700s. Alfred married Susan Graves Murry on June 9, 1853 in Boston. Alfred was a mariner by trade and in an 1855 registry he was listed as the master of the brig Random.

Later in life Alfred followed the agricultural pursuits of his ancestors.
Alfred died in South Portsmouth in August 1900. According to his obituary, he was one of the last survivors of the Newport Marine Society. He is buried in St. Mary’s Churchyard in Portsmouth.

This brig model is on long-term loan from the Portsmouth Historical Society.

The story of the ship and model is available to download (PDF) (Click Here)

Click Here for download of photos of the story (PDF)

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