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3 Replies to “Membership/Donate”
  1. Bob Wilson says:

    I just joined!
    There was no membership form to complete. Here are the details:

    Family membership
    Bob Wilson Clara Munley
    735 Black Point Lane
    Portsmouth RI 02871

    We live here part time and in California the rest. We visited last week and thoroughly enjoyed it! Very impressive team and collection. Thanks so much for what you are doing to preserve our past!

  2. Andy Vanier says:

    I had some difficulty using the PayPal Credit Card function on the PHS website. After entering my data and clicking on the PayPal “Pay now” vs the “Buy now” button I was transferred directly to a PayPal sign on and options page.

    It did not appear to provide an option to simply add my credit card information unless I signed in or created an PayPal account. After I signed in, I was able to add my credit card information, but unable to search or identify the Portsmouth Historical Society as the charity I would be sending funds to. It did not appear that my previous data entry on the Historical Society web site was ever carried over to PayPal.

    It’s most likely something I’m doing wrong, but if not, then I can imagine other members and donors possibly being frustrated by the noted process. I believe it states in brown letters that only credit card information would need to be entered when using PayPal.

    I plan to submit my membership form by mail and felt it might be beneficial to share my experience with you. Sincerely hoping I’m the only one.

    Best Regards and looking forward to renewing my membership…Andy

    • Rich Talipsky says:

      Andy, thanks for the heads up. Others have not had the same problem. After pressing the BuyNow button it should have sent you to the PayPal screen where if asked you if you wanted to pal via paypal or by a non-paypal card and a drop down for donation to Butts Hill Fort Restoration. . I will check it out.
      Sorry for the trouble.
      Rich Talipsky

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