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  1. Stephen Lawton says:

    I did the survey, but have several more thoughts. I believe I have read that there was a second compact in 1639 and that my ancestor, Thomas Lawton (and his brother George) had there names on that one. I wonder if that is true, and whether you could add that compact to your store (assuming it is correct.) I have viewed the town records (some 15 years ago) and noticed that Thomas signed with an X… or is a sideways T for Thomas? George as I recalled signed his name. Curious the older brother was literate and the younger was, apparently, not. (Although maybe one can read and not write.) Second, I don’t recall there being signage marking more minor historical places, like the many cemeteries, in Portsmouth. I don’t know if you have a walking/driving tour of Portsmouth with a map, but if not that would be nice (if I ever get there again.) I did enjoy exploring the two times I visited. Finally, I think there may be a Thomas or George Lawton house (see http://www.preservation.ri.gov/pdfs_zips_downloads/national_pdfs/portsmouth/port_union-street-559_lawton-almy-hall-farm.pdf ). I don’t know if it is still exists, but if it does and does date from the 18th or even 17th century, it would be a shame to lose it. Could someone provide me an update on it? I’m full of ideas; no money to fund it, though. I do appreciate the work you do an making so much available (esp. the maps) on your website. All the best, Stephen Lawton, Phoenix, AZ.

    • admin says:

      Stephen, Thank you for your interest and for being a geographically-separated member of our society. Please see the video of Jim Garman’s lecture of the founding of Portsmouth at the “Video Theater” page of the web site. He talks about the second compact. Also, we are working on things like driving tours of Portsmouth. We have an interactive map at the “Places” tab on our web site. You’ll note that I have added a marker for the Lawton-Hall Farm with a link to the National Historic Register Application. I will look into its current status. We have an action item on or long list to make that map more comprehensive as well as establishing some “driving tours around town. We are also trying to get a handle on the status of our historical places on both the RI and National Historic Registers.

    • Jim Garman says:

      You are correct: George Lawton DID sign the 2nd Compact with his signature and Thomas Lawton (along with 16 others) signed with an X. That was very common for those who could not write in those days.

      We have had a driving tour of the town and we hope to update it soon.

      As for the Lawton-Almy farmhouse it still stands. Part of it DOES date to 1690. It was the home of Herb Hall our President Emeritus. Herb has had some health issues and the house was recently sold to his nephew who has the intention to restore it. It is in pretty shaky condition, but it seems as though it will be saved and restored.

      Thank you for your note. Keep tuned to our website; it is a good source for information about the 378 years of our town.
      Jim Garman
      President, Portsmouth Historical Society.

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